Stampede at Columbus Makes Exhibit

Stampede at Columbus Makes Exhibit

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This exhibit features a collaborative work by Adonna & Justin The Artistic Horse painting “Stampede” it is one of several pieces exhibited by city artists.
Also on exhibit is “Stampede Art Scarf” a digital reproduction of the original painting.

Adonna and Justin The Artistic horse, collaborate to create Stampede, an abstract expressionistic painting. The process involves an unconventional application of paint to create energetic compositions.

Stampede and Stampede art scarf are available for purchase

Gallery Hours
Tuesday – Friday 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM 

The Indiana University Center for Art+Design current exhibition Columbus Makes is on display until February 13.

Columbus Makes invites the Columbus community to exhibit their creations, of any kind and of any making or material, in the IUCA+D gallery, curated by artist Jennifer Riley.  These works from within our community will be shown in collaboration with students from IUCA+D Associate Director Marleen Newman’s Vertical Interior Design studio.  Professor Newman’s students, working with artist and sculptor Emily Kennerk, will re-purpose plastic material to create new surfaces and a unique context for the exhibition.

The Columbus Makes exhibition is open to all who make things: fine art, crafts, and serious hobby items. The handmade, unique, and rare items include sculpture, painting, musical instruments, quilts, photography, furniture, knitting, ceramics, jewelry, clothing, toys, perishable items, and games.

This exhibition is curated by Columbus and NYC based artist, Jennifer Riley. Learn more about her work, writing, and curatorial projects at

For further information please contact the IU Center for Art+Design at 812-375-7550 or We invite you to visit our website at




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  1. Mary Alpiser
    | Reply

    Adonna…..You and JUSTIN the ARTISTIC HORSE have accomplished so much together. Of course Justin is my favorite ARTIST ! ! !
    Your entry of “STAMPEDE” adds a bit of greatness to the exhibition.

    I was happy that our Daughter, Linda got to meet You and Your Husband at Your Sister-in-Law, Sandy’s Town House when You
    were in Kansas.

    I am in the process of getting information from GOOD SHEPHERD’S “LOLLAPOLOOZA” specialist to see if JUSTIN THE ARTISTIC
    HORSE’S “GALLOPOLOOZA” PRINT would be a “WIN” for the AUCTION or would You suggest some thing else ? ? ? Also do You ever make any contributions to a Church event, such as Good Shepherd’s Lollapalooza. Their profit goes to numerous special
    needs types of people etc.

    • artistichorses
      | Reply

      Hi Mary, I hope that Linda is enjoying her painting, it was one of my favorites. “Gallopolooza” is a great choice also “Self Portrait” is a best seller and always does well in auctions. Unfortunately I only donate locally. Thank You… Adonna & Justin The Artistic Horse.

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