A Pony For Christmas

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  A Pony For Christmas A lot of you probably share this same wish for Christmas. To own a horse or pony is rewarding in many ways although they require hard work and dedication.The rewards of owning a loyal companion … Read More

Letter to Santa

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  Thank goodness Santa’s elves found us and gave us this special letter. Justin The Artistic Horse was invited to Dixon, IL. for a painting demonstration downtown in front of The Next Picture Show Art Gallery. That was Justin’s first … Read More

Save 20% on Artwork Purchase + Free Shipping

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Save 20% on Artwork Purchase + Free Shipping Use coupon code Justin the artistic horse artwork to save 20% + free shipping now through Dec. 7th. Coupon applies to original artwork purchase only. This offer includes pre-paid commissions contact Adonna@artistichorses for details.  Justin’s paintings are … Read More

Happy Thanksgiving From Justin The Artistic Horse

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Happy Thanksgiving From Justin The Artistic Horse Justin wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. We are both thankful to have wonderful friends and supporters who encourage us with our artistic endevor. The responses to Justin’s paintings have been overwhelmingly positive. Even … Read More

Justin is a Friesian Horse

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Friesians have qualities in addition to their beauty that makes them precious and far above average. Some terms that are common to describe them are: majestic, willing, flashy, playful, mischievous; and occasionally some of the less flattering terms of: lazy, … Read More

Jingle Tails

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Join Justin The Artistic Horse and his friends December 1st for a one in a lifetime Christmas program. To purchase advance tickets, click “tickets” in the sidebar.

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