Nature influences paintings by Justin The Artistic Horse

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Winter Pasture webI am often asked what influences the paintings by Justin. The most common influence is nature whether it is a outdoor location or the colors of the seasons. As we ride through the fields and woods I always observe the natural color combinations. Justin enjoys discovering new locations and sneaking leaves from as a snack as we ride along the path. He’s observant of his surroundings at all time but especially when he thinks he can sneak a snack. Back at the barn as I groom him I recall the ride and the vibrant colors. We often start a painting after a relaxing ride so that I can mix the colors while they are fresh in my mind. This painting was influenced by a brisk winter ride through the woods, it resembles the fresh fallen ¬†snow on the forest floor beneath the evergreen trees. You can see the energetic brush strokes contrasted with the soft colorful accents that Justin created.

This painting “Winter Pasture” would be an interesting focal point and great conversation piece for any room.It is 24″ x 10″ acrylic on watercolor paper. If you would like more information contact me at

Close up

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