Painting With Justin

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When we are alone in the barn/studio with the music filling the air painting with Justin is magical. There is a beautiful harmony between us.

I start by choosing a few colors from color combinations inspired

nature. For example, a bright sunny day would have various shades

of blues with soft greens, pinks, to copper and gold. Justin takes

over from there by finding new colors, and taking his own direction

by blending his own colors on the canvas. Without this, the paintings

would have less energy and excitement. The vibrancy of the colors is

what creates the impact of the paintings. Often the contrast between

loose and tight areas and simple colors come together explosively

I dip the brush in the paint and hand it to him. He is free to place the

brush wherever he wants. There are always surprises along the way;

the delightful aspects of the paintings are the unexpected. What’s unexpected

usually improves the paintings in ways that humans couldn’t

have imagined.


Being paired with this unique horse has been a blessing. He has challenged me to use my imagination and creative talent in new ways.~ Adonna