Justin is a Friesian horse

In the field
In the field

Friesians have qualities in addition to their beauty that makes them precious and far above average. Some terms that are common to describe them are: majestic, willing, flashy, playful, mischievous; and occasionally some of the less flattering terms of: lazy, hot, stubborn, and spooky. Friesians are smart, enjoy learning, and have busy minds.

As a baby, Justin’s mind was very busy and curious about everything. He explored his surroundings by smelling and touching things with his lips. He learned to entertain himself by turning over buckets, or if he felt particularly challenged, he would spend all day figuring out how to unlock a gate latch. This curiosity and “mouthy” behavior would later turn out to be very handy.

Friesians are also very people orientated and loyal horses. Justin has always preferred to be around humans more than other horses. He is the first to come to the barn, usually at a gallop, to greet me with his eyes full of curiosity and expectation as if to say, “I can’t wait to find out what we are doing today.”

Justin’s personality is light-hearted and playful. When being groomed, he makes funny faces with his large lips that make me giggle; I can almost see him laugh too. Or he turns his head sideways showing me his expressive eyes to get a nice pat on his face as I brushed his mane. Combined with his playful personality and his intelligence, we formed a bond and a language of our own.