See Justin The Artistic Horse at Hope Heritage Days

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Watch Justin and Adonna at this year’s Hope Heritage Days as they demonstrate Justin’s painting talent.

Sat. Sept. 26, 12-3 pm., Hope Indiana

Justin The Artistic Horse, chose a different arena in which to show his talent. It’s not your customary sandy-footed fenced space with obstacles. Instead, his arena is full of energetic colors ready to be applied to canvas.

His equipment is not made of leather and metal but rather wood and canvas. Justin uses his equine energy to create “Unbridled” Abstract Expressionism Paintings with brushes held in his mouth.

Horses have been communicating with their energy for millions of years so it’s not surprising that Justin can direct his energy with paint and brushes in collaboration with his assistant, Adonna, to create spontaneous works of art. Each painting tells a story of energy, communication and companionship.

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