T’was the night before Christmas

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DSC_0920T’was the night before Christmas and back at the farm

Chores were all done, lights strung through the barn

The horses ate their grain, tucked in their cozy stalls

Unaware that it’s Christmas or any special day at all


They dream of spring pastures from their pine- scented beds

While visions of carrots and peppermints dance in their heads

This season is special but horses don’t know

They do know there is little riding and much playing in snow


When it was almost midnight, dinner was finished the carols were sung

I remember a story I was told when I was young

How at midnight on Christmas Eve

The animals in the barn can speak with ease


I was called to the barn, I knew I must go

I can’t explain, I walked through the snow

I slid open the door, and pause for a while

Then slowly walk through the aisle


A nicker from Justin to me

Sleepy old Eddie waking to see

Ginger rustling her bedding, a nicker soft and light

Each horse gave a greeting as I walked through the night


I stop to pat the dogs Gypsy and Oreo

At the end of the aisle

Then I see the cats looking at me

And It gave me a smile


Then I heard from Justin The Artistic Horse

say MERRY CHRISTMAS, non- verbal of course

It started me thinking about my animals

I could’ve been at parties with laughter and mirth

But then was the best place on earth.